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Thousands of Nigerian Men are Dumping Viagra for This New “Better” Alternative..


My name is Peter Ajayi, and 2 years ago I used to be in your shoes..I used to be a 2 minutes man with very weak erection.

It got really worse that sometimes, I dont get erection at all even when I wake up in the morning.

I tried almost every solution out there from bitter tasting herbal concoction to some indian medicine..

A few of them worked but with major side effects..only the Alpha Vigor gave me the result I wanted.

This is why I want to introduce the world to this amazing product that has changed my sex life for good and help save my marriage.


Alpha Vigor is a careful proprietary blend of rare herbal extracts like;

Maca, Tribulus Terrestris , Muira Puama ,Korean Ginseng and 17 other exotic Ingriedients.


These herbal extracts have been known to:

  • Increase libido
  • give stronger erections that last longer
  • Help increase sperm volume.
  • Boost testosterone
  • Cure premature ejaculation
  • Cure erectile dysfunction
  • Gives quick recovery after the first round

 There is no prescription neccesary and no need to use a doctor to get them - Alpha Vigor is a completely natural herbal solution.

 Just take two per day with water to get these powerful sexual enhancement ingredients into your system and help supercharge your erections

You will be blown away by just how quickly these powerful ingredients start boosting your erection power, cure premature ejaculation and enhance your ability to satisfy your woman with orgasm after orgasm in bed.

It has No Side Effects Whatsoever!

It is safe-to-use.
It gives permanent cure,
no headache

Imagine What You Could Do With This Exciting New Solution.

 Picture this for me now..

Imagine how it would feel to have a PULSATING raging erection.

And imagine how it would feel to KEEP your penis this hard for over 60 minutes.

Then, with the help of this powerful throbbing erection..

Imagine Having The Power to Fuck Your Woman So Powerfully That Her Eyes Roll Into The Back of Her Head..While Given Her Intense Orgasm

 Her Body Vibrates in Ectasy..

While She squirts all over you Manhood.

Imagine Having Such Sexual Power

And by the way..

This Works Even if..

http://alphamale.live/rr.png You are over 40 years old,

http://alphamale.live/rr.png Have a medical condition like Diabetes,

http://alphamale.live/rr.png Have Low Testosterone Levels,

http://alphamale.live/rr.png Have some form of anxiety,

http://alphamale.live/rr.png Or Struggle with low libido (sexual urge)

However you can decide not to take my words for it..

But truth be told, the best advertisement for the Alpha-Vigor Capsule are our clients- People Like You.

Some of them tried it on recommendation, and some ordered it online out of curiosity,but what is common to all of the users is that they are delighted with the result and even refer their friends.

Their reactions of men were phenomenal! Until now, no product has ever been so efficient in improving the erection and stamina in sex!





Thats a tiny fraction of the numerous testimonies we get every day.More than 1,000 Nigerians Cant be Wrong.Now, here's the bad news:

Only 161 Bottles Left.

As I mentioned before, demand is so heavy that customers are referring their friends and family by word of mouth.

339 bottles gone already... 161 left.

 And I don't know when our next stock would come after this batch is exhausted Let's assume we import another batch..I am pretty sure it would take 2 months or more!

... and there may be 2x, 3x or more increase in the current price.

Which is why you are here today.
And there's a reason it's even more important that you don't waste any time…

You see, 

This website is getting huge traffic at the moment thousand of Nigerians like you  will be seeing this offer. No doubt!  That means more people will be battling to get the remaining bottles…

 So if you don't order now, I can't promise you that there'll be any bottles left tomorrow, or tonight, or even in a few hours… I urge you to do the right thing now, and claim the last few bottles of our current supply, while you still can…

And if you do that right now!

to get it at the discounted introductory price, but will also enjoy;
=> 100% FREE Shipping to any location.
=> PLUS... You ONLY pay for the goods

How awesome is that?

However, the FREE shipping and the payment on delivery additional benefits might not be there after tomorrow , 

Before you rush to order... Here's One More IMPORTANT Thing...

Out of the hundreds of  man hood enlargement products out there, only few actually work with NO SIDE EFFECT.

The Vicsum oil is one of the very few, most of our buyers have gotten massive increase in their manhood both length and width.

It is The MOST EFFECTIVE Way to Increase the Size of your Penis SAFELY…this Solution has helped over 1,834 Men Increase Their Man-hood size.
 …WITHOUT Any Side Effect!

However, I must warn that ONLY those who place order for the 2 months supply right away gets this bonus for free. If you procrastinate further, you may not get it.

So Here's What You are Getting When You Order Today.

Approved by top world regulatory agencies

2 Month Supply Treatment Pack

2 Bottles Alpha Vigor and 2 bottles of  Vicsum Oil

(Highly Recommended)

Discount price = N25,000

1 Month Supply Treatment Pack

1 Bottle Alpha Vigor 

Discount price = N16,000

Today's Promo Price

1 Month supply of Alpha Vigor only  (60 capsules)  =>> N16,000

2 Months supply of Alpha Vigor (120 capsules)  +Bonus (2 Vicsum oil ) =>> N25,500

Fill in Your Correct Details in The Form Below.

Once you fill in your details,our customer care rep would call you to confirm your order..and there after we would ship out your order the next day.

You would receive it within 2-4 working days (lagos is the next working day)..and pay the dispatch person upon delivery.

IMPORTANT: Make Sure You Enter a Full Delivery Address Below That Includes Your House Number,Street Name, etc (Not a P.O box) or Else You Wont Get It.

Here is an example of a full address - No 2,Robertson Avenue,Opposite Mobil Filling Station,College Bustop,Ogba,Lagos

 Fill in Your Correct Details in The Form Below.

You can also get the Alpha-Vigor From our sales outlet in Abuja.

Office address : Suite Gf2 ,Busymart Plaza by Imo  Transport Company (ITC ) Jabi, abuja

For further enquiries call or sms >> 0810-2775-042

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